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Origin – DestinationDeparture atReturn atFind tickets
Moscow ↔ Nizhniy Novgorod30.04.202401.05.2024Flights 34
Nizhniy Novgorod ↔ Moscow28.04.202401.05.2024Flights 34
Moscow ↔ Murmansk25.04.202426.04.2024Flights 41
Arkhangelsk ↔ Moscow30.04.202403.05.2024Flights 48
Moscow ↔ Surgut28.04.202403.05.2024Flights 49
Murmansk ↔ Moscow25.04.202426.04.2024Flights 49
Samara ↔ Moscow29.04.202405.05.2024Flights 49
Saratov ↔ Moscow27.04.202402.05.2024Flights 50
Krasnojarsk ↔ Irkutsk27.04.202402.05.2024Flights 52
Moscow ↔ Saratov30.04.202403.05.2024Flights 53

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